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Conventional Detectors

Series 100 ( LPCB Approved )

The series 100 range of Conventional detectors has been produced using the latest in manufacturing and design techniques, pushing out the boundaries of existing conventional detector technology.

The Series 100 detector incorporates a bi-color LED indicator. The integral LED is blinking Green when the detector’s status is Normal and turns steady Red when it is in Alarm. This benefits the user by providing clear, instant visual indication of the detector’s condition. An optional remote LED annunciator may be used to repeat any alarm signal.

A laser-based hand held Remote Test Unit can be used in conjunction with the detectors for alarm test purpose. The unit transmits a coded message, preventing spurious alarms being generated by other laser-based devices.

A variety of detector bases can be used with the AD 338 – 2L detector, providing application flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of Fire Alarm Control Panels. All bases are fitted with a shorting spring to permit circuit testing prior to fitting the detectors and have a tamper resistance feature, which when activated prevents removal of the detector without the use of a tool.