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New generation advanced telecom systems

Advanced telecom systems usually have all the basic features of simple systems, and in addition they may have some of the following features. These features are designed to:

  • impress those who call you on this telecom system,
  • control possible mis-use,
  • improve ease and efficiency

Auto Attendant

An automatic operator feature to handle the incoming calls. This can be recorded with your VOICE MESSAGES to greet the caller, announce the name of your organization, and guide the caller further in order to reach the desired extension. AMATURE auto-attendant usually has a provision to record at least the BASIC FOUR MESSAGES namely greeting message, message on busy extension, message on no-reply of extension and release message. It may also have the capability of RE-TRYING the desired extension when it is not immediately available. Older IMMATURE versions (called Voice DISA) with only greeting message are also available at lesser cost.


Capability to read CALLER-ID or Calling Party's Telephone Number as per data provided by MTNL / BSNL line and show on:-

  • ringing extensions,
  • on extensions where call is transferred, in call billing data.

Extensions may use normal CALLER-ID phones or keyphones

Additional features may include:
  • CALL BILLING with buffer memory and COMPUTER INTERFACE
  • Auto- Redial
  • Dynamic Locking
  • Console Never Busy
  • Fax Homing    
  • External Call Forwarding
  • Remote Programming
  • DOSA
  • Auto Disconnection after set interval
  • Call Budgeting